This shows a list of remakes as we'd hope. I'd recommend the names.

Pokemon DroughtFire and RainBlue Versions Edit

The mascots are Mega Charizard Y and Mega Blastoise, and it is for the 3DS

All characters have redesigns, and Blue has now a Rhyperior replacing Rhydon since it evolved.

Pokemon BeautyCrystal Version Edit

The mascot is Mega Suicune. Yeah, all the legendary beasts get the Mega Evolution. The Gen 2 Starters gain Mega Evolution. All characters have redesigns, but the DroughtFire and RainBlue redesigns return. Bugsy no longer looks like a girl, but a dude at BeautyCrystal. Lance's design only has changed at BeautyCrystal. It's also for the 3DS

Pokemon DeltaEmerald Version Edit

The mascot is Mega Rayquaza. It can't release at 2015 or 2016 or whatever, but imagine it was the year 2018. All characters do not have the same as R/S/E/OR/AS, but different at it.